I’m just gonna leave this here and walk away…

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if sam and steve adopt who is the one who says ‘ask your father’

this is incredibly important for


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PTSD: The Soldier’s Diaries

Bucky Barnes and his dog |Day 4

(not fully released)

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When all else fails … 

Avengers #182 (1979)

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But, Dic!, I hear you cry. I’m not a writer! Why do I need an Ao3 account?

Allow me to explain. 

So, we all know Ao3 fucking rocks. It’s absolutely tremendous; millions of fanworks for dozens of fandoms, beautiful lay-out, wonderful site… All quite correct. 

The list for joining isn’t long as it was when I joined several years back - when I deleted my old pseudonym, madelinesticks, to swap to my new on, it didn’t even take four hours for me to get my invitation emailed. 

It’s totally worth it to join the invite queue, I promise! 

Please, just gave a glance through some of the stuff I outline and see if you’d like to. It’s all features and stuff you don’t see when you’re not logged in. 

So, the stuff I’m outlining:

  • Subscriptions
  • Restricted Works
  • History
  • Bookmarks
  • Profiles
  • Site skins
  • Gifts
  • Emails and stuff


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This is a great overview of account features, thank you!

Everyone should feel encouraged to create an account no matter if they consider themselves a writer / artist / reader / bookmarker / listener / lurker / reccer / fan / anything at all. Don’t let the invite system deter you! It takes less than a day to automatically receive an invitation from our queue.

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Here is an updated Stucky nap pic :) I decided to go back to it and spend a little more time on it. My favourite from Sunday <3

Looking forward to next week, hope you are too! Feel free to send any suggestions between now and then :3

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I wanna be your last first love,

until you’re lying here beside me with arms and eyes open wide.

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Excuse me may i have a moment of ur time 

but uh reblog if u would be interested in a project for steve because not only MCU Steve but other universes of Steve need more love 

we need more Steve centric things and im sure many would agree 

reblog this 


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